Boy Wearing Leg Brace Moves Farmer Wanting To Adopt Disabled Puppy


This is the story of a child with a disability who moved a farmer to tears. The reason ? Her desire to adopt the only handicapped puppy in a litter.

Love comes in different forms. This powerful emotion is able to move some people, and make them change their minds.

The following story, relayed by Animal Channel, is an excellent example of the power of love. Although it is not new, the message conveyed remains the same, simple, gentle and comforting.

The hero is none other than a child, eager to have a little furry companion for life. On his way to a farm, he approached a man who was selling puppies.

The master of the place had installed a panel announcing the sale of 4 small balls of fur. “Sir, I want to buy one of your puppies,” said the young visitor simply.

The farmer asked him if he had enough money to afford it. So the boy lowered his head for a moment, then plunged his hand into his pocket.

He took out a handful of coins, which he held out to his interlocutor. The latter, let him take a look at the animals.

He called his dog, Dolly. The mother came out of her niche, followed by an adorable foursome. As the canines made their way towards the duo, the child noticed something else stirring inside the shelter.

A fifth little dog slowly came out of hiding. Unlike his siblings, he moved clumsily and limped. He was doing his best to catch up with his family members.

On seeing it, the boy indicated that he wanted this particular animal. When the adult explained to him that he could never run and play like his congeners, the good soul rolled up his pants to reveal metal suspenders.

The little hero of this story, suffering from a handicap, felt a great affinity with the runt of the litter.

„You see, sir, I don’t run very well myself, and he will need someone who understands him,“ he said. The farmer, moved to tears, did not hesitate for a moment before giving him the puppy.

And this without asking for any ticket, finally.

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