Jolie’s ex husband Brad Pit’s original look during the red carpet ceremony was more funny and unforgettable

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Pitt as always gave the public a reason to discuss and admire him during the Red Carpet ceremony. His original appearance was more funny and unforgettable this time.

Ex-husband of Angelina Jolie always impressed the public with his originality. This time was no exception. The talented actor appeared on the red carpet in Paris in a dark brown skirt that showed off his legs with tattoos.

The public looked at Pete with admiration and surprise. With his dark brown skirt, Pete wore two shirts , one dark pink and one dark brown, and wore tough boots.

He did not forget to wear jewelry that perfectly complemented to his outfit. Pete had two rings on his fingers, he wore brown glasses, some pendants.

His dazzling smile did not leave anyone indifferent. Fans joked that depressed Brad asked Angelina for her clothes. It seems that Pitt was really depressed as he said that he didn’t recognize people because of his illness.

It seems that the breakup with Jolie has depressed Pitt, which was evident from the clothes he chose.

Pete’s appearance in skirt will be discussed by the public for a long time. Let’s hope everything is normal with his health and wait for his new extravagant appearance.

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