Brave Husky finds box full of newborn kittens in the woods and adopts them


Banner is a one-of-a-kind dog. Since she was a puppy, the 3-year-old Husky has provided emotional support to her owner.

Whitney Braley has trained her to help her with a variety of tasks since she was a child. Banner was more than just a dog for the woman because she had a handicap!

„She alerts to PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, headaches, guide work, momentum pull, medicine retrieval, self-harm interruption, and more,“ the lady said to Bored Panda.

But Banner’s generosity does not end there. The pooch has also done a number of rescues throughout the years, and she supposedly has a thing for kittens. She even became an adoptive mother for those she saved.

Whitney explained, „She does a lot of rescue, and she’s always devoted to kittens.“ „I had my first bottle baby cat discovered in a ditch two years ago, and Banner reared her.“

That cat is still with us, but she has fostered at least 10 litters of kittens throughout the years.“

However, there was one specific rescue that had a profound impact on both Banner and Whitney. When they were out for a stroll, the keen-eyed dog noticed an unusual find and instantly notified her owner.

Whitney couldn’t believe it when she saw a box full of kittens. There were seven little beings, barely more than a day old. Banner hasn’t left their side since the minute she saw them.

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