Brazilian man marries 9 wives and plans to find two more: Such an amazing story

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After marrying nine ladies simultaneously, Arthur O’Urso gained notoriety.

After some time, the Brazilian has once more come up in conversation; he now has intentions to find at least two more spouses.

The father first talked to his continuous lover Luana Kazaki about his plan to marry several daughters.

Together, they came to the realization that they were not at all opposed to talking to other people.

O’Urso has no trouble finding wives because he is a model in Sao Paulo.

Since a man seldom marries nine women at once, the press responded strongly to the wedding ceremony, which was held in the heart of the city.

The entire business then left for their honeymoon. They made the choice to spend it in Cap d’Agde, a French city renowned for its moral liberalism.

But even here, a ten-person family generated media attention: Arthur gave several prominent press interviews and participated in a number of photo shoots with his wives.

After only a few months, O’Urso was once more in the news. The dad claimed that his already huge family needed two additional girls.

All of a man’s wives can be supported by his income. And it appears that the girls are open to this kind of union.

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