This 80-year-old British woman rides her pony 1000 km every year for the sake of those she loves

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Jane made the definite decision to repeat similar excursions every year after riding a horse over the vastness of her native Great Britain.

She has never changed the tradition in 40 years, and intends to do so for as long as her health allows.

Every year, Jane Dotchin saddles a horse and makes long trips across the UK.

This year, the 80-year-old woman embarked on a record-breaking 600-mile journey from the English city of Hexham to the Scottish city of Inverness with only one goal – to enjoy the beauty of the endless mountains and plains. And at the same time to visit acquaintances and friends along the way.

On a trip on an elderly mare named Diamond, she is accompanied by a non-walking dog, Dinky.

Behind the back of a brave rider is everything you might need on the road: a folding tent, food, and essentials.

Despite the fact that Jane cannot see in one eye, the woman is able to drive at least 25 kilometers a day. Then the woman makes a halt to rest and sleep for herself and the animals.

Jane’s passion for long journeys began about 40 years ago, when she traveled all over the South West of England on her Haflinger alone.

The destination of the first journey, almost 500 kilometers long, was Somerset, where Jane’s friend lived.

This trip completely changed the outlook of the woman and opened her interest in long journeys in the saddle.

After that, the woman made several more races – to friends in Fort Augustus, to Loch Ness and other attractions of the Scottish highlands.

Jane usually travels during fall. Her trips last an average of seven weeks, depending on weather conditions.

She uses travel as an excuse to visit friends for a cup of tea or for an overnight stay.

Jane always has a supply of food that does not require long cooking: cereal, cheese, oatmeal – she brews it with milk, which she is treated to by the locals.

An old mobile phone doesn’t need frequent recharging – Jane installed a battery that lasts up to six weeks.

Jane’s travels don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes, due to bad weather, she has to change her route.

On the roads, she often encounters rude motorists who are hindered by her horse. And among the local residents, there are fewer and fewer people who are ready to let her spend the night in their own yard.

But despite all these obstacles, Jane plans to repeat her annual races as much as possible.

The wild nature of the woman and her faithful friends – Diamond and Dinky – give her strength.

“There’s always something interesting happening on the road, and I’m never bored,” says Jane.

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