The kind-hearted Buddhist monk has an important mission of saving thousands of stray dogs


The world is in severe need of kind-hearted people.

They do change lives and make positive changes.

Zhi Xiang is a 51-year-old monk who is the most caring and kind-hearted person rescuing 8,000 stray dogs !

He says “ I am so happy to help these helpless creatures. If I do not do that they will surely die! “

The rescued dogs stay either in his shelter or in his monestary.

It takes about $2,000,000 to take care of the dogs.

There is an estimated 50 million population of helpless stray dogs or cats in China.

The great amount of roaming dogs and cats has always been a issue in China.

According to him this increasing number is a result of uncaring owners.

“ People often adopt dogs without taking care of them properly, then they threw them. That’s the most horrible part of the whole story“.

Zhi’s idea is accepted and praised by his parents, fellow monks and other donors.

He really does a hard and important work of arranging the adoption of dogs abroad.

“ I am sure all the dogs are happy and protected.“

“ I also plan to visit them whenever I have free time“ he once said.

Thanks to the most caring and kind-hearted person in the world!

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