A cute story: the man can’t hold his tears of happiness when he discovers he is able to adopt his foster dog


A sweet dog named Toby was enjoying its best life in a fostering family.

Ann Hoang says that their first experience of fostering a dog was truly amazing.

At first the family didn’t know if they would be able to take such kind of responsibility on their shoulders.

That’s the reason they decided to try out fostering and then later maybe they would adopt the dog.

Toby is the name of this sweet dog who was rescued from the shelter “ Band for animal“ an organization that saves dogs from being euthanized.

As you can understand at first Toby was a bit cautious about people and everything around him.

However, soon the love and care of the foster family made him forget about his hard past.

A week later Mr. Hoang and Toby got inseparable and even their another dog Charlie started to love him.

It was sad for the family to think about leaving the dog.

There were two families who wanted to adopt Toby.

The team came to inspect the house where Toby was living as adoption requires home evaluation.

Only after inspecting the home, they will decide to let the family adopt the dog.

After the home inspection the staff gave the man a card telling that he was able to adopt the dog.

The man simply couldn’t hold his tears of happiness and excitement.

He got so attached with the dog that the thought of leaving the dog made him sad.

Such a happy and interesting story!

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