This sweet dog who can’t sleep closes her eyes for the first time as her savior is beside her


The situation with stray dogs in Romania is very difficult.

Dog shelters differ from the ones in the USA. Because of the poverty it’s hard to properly take care of dogs.

This sweet dog’s fate was not good as she had to spend days in the shelter without food.

As a result she was malnourished and in need of love.

The rescuers took Bella immediately to the vet in order to take care of her.

You can see her smile when she is beside her rescuer in the car.

She is surrounded with love and feels secure now.

The staff of the shelter says that Bella has some issues with sleeping.

She nearly doesn’t sleep. When she was given love she slowly started closing her eyes and falling asleep.

The sweetest part of the story is when the dog puts her head on the the rescuer’s lap.

She could somehow have a sleep for some time on the way to the vet clinic.

Bella finally felt secure and loved and that’s why she calmly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

When the video was shared on social media, a lot of people wanted to adopt her.

Soon Bella found her loving forever home and is happily living with them ever since.

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