Funny and cute story: the caring overprotective dog defends the crying baby girl from her own mother

Interessante Gerüchte

We all know that dogs like protecting small babies. Very often, they can protect babies by putting their own lives at a risk.

The baby girl You-You is protected and loved !

She has the most protective and wonderful dog, a Golden Retriever named Harry.

Harry is always beside the baby girl protecting and offering his help.

Whenever the baby girl’s mother gets angry, Harry always stands by her side.

This time the girl used the half of her mother’s new cosmetics.

The woman, of course couldn’t hide her emotions and got angry!

As you can understand from the pictures, Harry tries to protect You-You by standing in front of her.

Then he hugs the little baby as if comforting her.

Later when the video became popular, You-You’s mother explained that she didn’t get angry.

All she was doing is trying to upbringing her baby.

However, it seems dogs do not understand how humans upbringing their babies.

It was so funny to see how the dog barked at his owner trying to protect the baby!

He is even ready to give his life to the baby!

Harry is still the girl’s best friend and we are sure that some years later she will realize how blessed she is!

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