Cat abandoned 3 times starts loving life again thanks to loving couple: they gave him the best

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After 3 abandonment and as many disappointments, a cat has finally found a loving family forever thanks to the media coverage of his story.

A Scottish couple fell in love with this feline who reminded them of the deceased companion.

It was left a year earlier.

Oscar, the cat „no one wanted“, now has a loving family, as reported by Daily Star.

Approximately 10 years old, this ginger cat had been abandoned 3 times.

He had bitten his last owner, before arriving at the RSPCA shelter in Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire (Central England), in January 2021.

Many Internet users were moved by his story after a live Facebook event organized by local media.

Potential adopters had come forward from all over the world, including Australia and the United States, but there was nothing concrete.

Liz Broe, 58, lives with her husband Ian, 63, in Glasgow, Scotland.

The couple had been following Oscar’s progress from the start.

They were all the more touched as he reminded them of their cat Roscoe, who died in 2020 after sharing their daily life for 14 years.

They wanted to adopt Oscar, but they couldn’t travel to England due to travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

„I kept following him to see if anyone had adopted him, because in the end, I just wanted Oscar to find a loving home,“ says Liz Broe.

Then the restrictions were lifted and she contacted the shelter to see if the cat was still available.

This was the case.

The Broes did not hesitate and immediately adopted it.

The RSPCA arranged transport to the Scottish border, where the couple were waiting to take him home to Glasgow.

The feline was thus able to discover its new home in May.

His new owners have also discovered a most pleasant companion, although at the association.

They had been warned that he could be turbulent towards other animals and children.

For the moment, Oscar has never shown aggression towards anyone since his adoption.

„We were surprised at how friendly and outgoing he was after reading about him,“ says Liz Broe.

She adds that he even behaves very well towards their guests and that “all the neighbors love him.

He lets the little boy next door stroke his belly, which few cats let you do.

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