Cat befriends family dog who decides to help babysit her demanding kittens

Interessante Gerüchte

A cat charmed a household dog, who later agreed to assist in the care of her demanding babies.

A pregnant tabby cat was placed in a foster home in Virginia by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

At roughly two years old, she was exceedingly pleasant to strangers, confident, and felt just at home.

She became friends with the local cats and dogs, notably Kona, a cat-loving canine whose greatest thing on the planet is being a nanny for babies.

Kona, the kitty nanny extraordinaire, overheard the babies leaving the foster room.

Her eyes lighted up, and her tail waggled, knowing there were fresh babies awaiting her attention.

Freckles, the tabby, walked up to Kona and smeared her face all over her.

Freckles gave birth to six gorgeous, healthy kittens a few weeks later.

She jumped into motherhood and committed every second of every day to caring for her children.

Freckles observed the „uninvited“ visitor and motioned to Kona to „come back another time, maybe.“

The kittens were absolutely off bounds by the mom, but Kona had earned a pass inside the kitty cave a few times to hang out with freckles and her demanding offspring.

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