Cat came into woman’s life with her kittens after years on the streets and decided to stay forever

Interessante Gerüchte

A stray cat was discovered looking for food in an Istanbul neighborhood. She was pregnant and traveling the streets in search of safe haven.

She gave birth in an apartment building, but they were not permitted to stay.

Concerned that they might be transported to a shelter or abandoned on the street, a concerned local contacted Ahsen, an animal rescuer, to see if she could foster them.

After nearly three years of wandering the streets with her kittens, the tabby cat finally got a home.

Ahsen, who had numerous cats in her home, made a cozy hom. While laying happily in her warm bed, the mama cat was purring and extending her paws in the air.

Despite their best attempts, one of the kittens died, but the surviving two began to flourish.

For the first two weeks, the lovely tabby never left her babies‘ side, tending to their every need.

Zümrüt would gently place her paw on Ahsen’s palm for some TLC whenever Ahsen came to check on her.

The two worked well together. While the adoring mother kept her kittens nourished and clean.

Ahsen made sure she never missed a meal, bringing food to her or even feeding her by hand throughout the day.

The kittens grew in leaps and bounds, and when it came time for adoption, they were swiftly adopted.

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