Caveman of the 21st century: he turned a cave into the cozy home of his dreams

Interessante Gerüchte

The „caveman“ moniker was given to Angelo by journalists. The man fulfilled a lifelong desire and left civilization.

The cave has 250 million years of history.

He was formerly the CEO of an Australian staffing agency. But he made the decision to „go underground“ in Worcestershire and escape all the pressures of his profession.

The doctor gave Angelo the awful news that he had multiple sclerosis one day. The man was initially startled and perplexed. But after he regained consciousness, he thought to himself,

„I want to live somewhere where I can be happier and healthier.“

Before realizing his childhood ambition, the father of two had to move nearly 80 tons of stone!

Because Angelo Mastropietro was born and raised in Worcestershire, he was familiar with the cave.

Although it was once a habitation, it has been vacant since the 1940s.

The oldest rock dwelling that had survived in Europe up until the 20th century was then purchased by the man.

He had to contribute a little over £62,000 in all. The man then started the time-consuming and costly process of planning the cave.

Angelo spent a thousand hours finishing the cave.

Angelo sought refuge from the hectic metropolis in order to improve his physical and mental health, but he did not give up the conveniences and allures of modernity.

Internet, power, and sewage are all present at his home.

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