CCTV Camera Caught Coyote Playing With Dog’s Toys: The Dog’s Owner Revealed The Secret

Interessante Gerüchte

Sancho was upset. His toys, left in the garden, strangely disappeared in the middle of the night. Who was the culprit? To lift the veil on this mystery, its owner has installed a surveillance camera.

A series of robberies began in early April on Brian Chisholm’s property. During the night, the toys that her dog Sancho left in the garden mysteriously disappeared.

The furball was not very happy that a stranger touched his business!

One day, the duo decided to investigate and found damning evidence, scattered in a nearby field. Who had dared to carry around Sancho’s favorite objects so far, and without his permission at that?

To find out for sure, Brian dropped a bunch of toys on the lawn and installed a surveillance camera in his yard, reports The Dodo in an article published on April 7, 2022.

The following night, the thief returned. And the camera didn’t miss a single crumb of the burglary! The rascal so sought after was none other than a wild animal, more precisely a coyote.

Sancho’s owner was quite surprised: „I thought it would be a fox, not a lone coyote. His playfulness was even more surprising.

A short video actually shows the canine sniffing around the dog’s stuff and playing around with it. He leaps in particular to catch his target.

Sancho might not be very happy about sharing his most prized possessions, but ultimately, there was nothing too bad.

Following this discovery, Brian preferred to collect the toys before the arrival of dusk. “The coyote has not been here for 2 nights”, he revealed to our colleagues from across the Atlantic.

A little anecdote that he is not ready to forget!

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