„Charlie“ the burglar cat amuses his whole neighborhood and has been nicknamed the „klepto cat“

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A cat named Charlie has earned a reputation as a serial burglar, bringing home all sorts of items that he picks up around the neighborhood. The kleptomaniac feline is very proud of its loot.

In his neighborhood, he is no longer called by his name, Charlie, but by his nickname which is the „cat-klepto“.

The animal is, in fact, known for this annoying habit of stealing objects to accumulate them with its owners, who no longer know what to do to prevent it. A story reported by ITV News.

Alice Bigge had adopted Charlie and her sister Smudge from Moggie Rescue Center; the 2 felines had been abandoned when they were still only kittens.

The family live in the Bedminster district of Bristol, in the southwest of England.

If, like many of his congeners, Smudge sometimes brings home a few pebbles, shells or even earthworms, his brother specializes in petty theft.

After the adoption, the 2 cats were not allowed to go out for a few weeks. Then, when they finally got around to it, Charlie started coming back from his daily little adventures with „memories“ in his mouth.

„We didn’t know what was going on, but one morning I woke up with a diplodocus right next to my head on my pillow,“ says its owner. And Charlie was sitting there looking proud of himself. »

The items broken into were mainly dinosaur toys. After conducting her little investigation, Alice Bigge was able to determine the source; a nursery located a few blocks away.

Charlie also brought back toy cars, clothes pegs, rubber duckies and even a pair of glasses, which he quietly passed through the cat flap.

A message addressed to the owners of the objects stolen by Charlie

It was precisely when he discovered the glasses that his mistress took the matter very seriously. It was absolutely necessary to return them to their owner, but she did not know to whom they belonged.

His daughter Martha, 11, and a friend called Elsie then wrote a message outside the house, with the stolen items deposited just below.

“Klepto-cat, can we read there roughly. Our cat Charlie likes to take things with him. Do any of these items belong to you? If so, take it back. „

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