She was told that she would never succeed in sports, but now she inspires many people with Down syndrome

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Chelsea Werner was born with Down Syndrome, but she didn’t want to be just an object of pity.

The girl decided to take fate into her own hands and became not only a world champion, but also a famous model.

Chelsea is a perfect example that all dreams come true if you put in enough effort.

From childhood, she dreamed of the world of sports. And after achieving her goal, she realized that she was attracted to the modeling business.

Chelsea Werner was born in California.

Because of her condition, doctors believed that the girl could not walk.

Despite disappointing forecasts, Chelsea’s parents did not give up and continued to work with their child every day, developing her coordination.

Until the age of two, Chelsea could only sit with support.

Everything changed when the girl saw gymnastics competitions on TV and decided that she also wanted to participate.

The family supported the future champion in her decision, in addition, the sport was supposed to improve Chelsea’s coordination.

The girl got into gymnastics at the age of 4 and decided to devote herself to this sport, despite the fears of doctors.

Doctors said that Chelsea had very low muscle tone, because of which she would not be able to succeed.

Moreover, some attending physicians warned the athlete’s family and her that the body of a special child may not withstand such loads.

However, Chelsea turned out to be a very stubborn child.

She worked hard, devoted all her free time to training and was happy even with minimal results. What ordinary children learned in a few weeks, Chelsea worked out for months.

Hard work paid off. At the age of 8, the girl entered her first competition, and, although not immediately, she realized that she could achieve good results.

Chelsea is currently a four-time US champion and two-time world champion in gymnastics for people with developmental disabilities.

After the girl fulfilled her dream and achieved success in sports, she turned her attention to the fashion world.

Initially, modeling agencies refused such an unusual model, and Chelsea decided to go the other way.

She began posting her photos on Instagram, became famous and was soon offered a contract with We Speak.

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