The sweet tiny chihuahua later named Tony is fighting for his life after falling from the sky


This sweet story about a 16-week-old puppy will simply make your day brighter.

This sweetie was caught in an accident, but fortunately a group of construction workers was near and they saved her life.

When they heard her cries they understood the puppy needs help.

Following the sounds they noticed the small Chihuahua and the scene was really shocking.

The puppy was knocked down by the hawk.

The workers had hopes that the puppy will survive as it was not fully injured.

The handlers raised it up and immediately took it to the nearest vet clinic.

The vets examined the sweetie and it turned out that everything is fine with the puppy.

This cutie was taken to the Austin Animal Center.

The vets all immediately started to examine the cutie and didn’t find any serious health issues.

What was the most terrifying is that the sweetie was dropped from the sky by a hawk !

However, despite that fact the puppy stayed alive.

Now the sweet little puppy named Tony Howk is in the process of recovery.

The puppy is receiving the required nutrition until it will get adopted.

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