The child ran away and sat on the lap of an unknown woman: his aunt was confused when she discovered the reason

Interessante Gerüchte

A little boy named Isaiah came with his aunt, Star Ballon-Bradley, to watch a football game.

Most likely, the aunt was more interested in the game than the boy. He wanted to play and run.

So Isaiah left his seat and went for a short walk around the stadium to explore the uncharted place.

Nobody prevented him from doing this. Moving a little away from his aunt, the child turned his attention to a woman who smiled sweetly at him.

Isaiah saw the friendliness coming from a complete stranger, and he smiled back and reached out to the woman.

She took him in her arms, and they began to talk. It felt like they had known each other for a very long time.

In fact, they first met.

Isaiah’s aunt was worried if the baby was interfering with watching the game. Therefore, Star asked a kind and sympathetic woman about this several times.

She replied that the child did not interfere with her, but quite the opposite: she was very pleased to be next to the boy and hug him.

The fact is, the stranger has a 15-year-old daughter who does not allow her mother such “hugs”. Apparently, the woman lacked this tactile contact in communicating with her daughter.

The boy climbed onto the knees of a kind woman, put his head on her shoulder and fell asleep, snoring softly.

And the woman stroked him gently on the back as if he were her own son.

Ballon-Bradley was in complete amazement and delight. She could not resist and even took a few pictures.

Who is this kind woman? It has remained a mystery.

During the break, the woman left because she had to meet her daughter. Before leaving, she woke the boy and told him that they were now friends.

The boy smiled and waved his hand at her. Isaiah’s aunt wanted to know the name of this kind woman: she posted two photos on the Internet in the hope that she would respond. But this did not happen. But it doesn’t matter.

The main thing is that the baby now knows that love and kindness exist. Aunt Star wrote a post in which she expressed admiration for the act of a woman.

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