Children who refused to support their elderly father find out he passed away trying to earn some money

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The old dad, who had been struggling to grow up his three children alone, was compelled to job in a welding plant in order to making last meet.

Once, the manufacturer called to report a tragic accident, and his wife and children call.

The 63-year-old Fred Wilson’s narrative offers some explanations.

After getting the wedding of his little girl, Christy, Father Winslow made the decision that it was high time to relax.

He had a gut feeling that his three children would take care of him and his wife in their later years.

Who knew, though, that the kids he’d reared with such love and care would turn on him and order him to obtain a job instead of expecting him to be taken care of?

The marriage of her daughter.

She was reassured by a composed Fred that she didn’t need to worry. What’s to worry about, my love, when you have three kids that I assisted in raising?

They won’t want me to work much longer, I’m certain. Don’t worry about it, they’ll take care of us.

With tears in his eyes, Fred pleaded with the man to grant him a great job. The call is received by Emma from his factory that day. Fred passed away.

He had three children and a family who never took care of him,

Fred died by working hard for his living. It was too late for it, though.

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