Chubby Shelter Cat Loves To Stand Like A Person To Beg For Treats

Interessante Gerüchte

Bruno surrendered to Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois in April because he didn’t get along with his family’s children. Bruno’s weight, according to the shelter’s staff, was a factor.

At 25 pounds, he’d have a hard time running away from children when he wanted his space. Bruno is a big, silly cat that simply wants some love and attention, and he loves to show off for the people he cares about.

Bruno’s oddest trait is that he enjoys standing on his hind legs. He does it everytime he wants food, and given the way he poses and the cute looks he makes while standing on his hind legs, it’s easy to see how this cat became so fat.

“At 25 pounds and up, he has to shed at least 10 pounds if he wants to live to be an old man,” Erin Thomas, a Wright-Way Rescue employee, told The Dodo.

“Right now, we’re taking it one pound at a time.” I think he’s overweight because he’s ‘overloved.’”

Bruno has a few odd behaviors and eccentricities in addition to posing on his hind legs. When he’s eating, it’s his favorite time to be pet.

He’ll sit there staring at you and meowing until you pat him. He can eat without being pet, but he enjoys companionship for some reason.

He also enjoys drinking water, but will not drink from the kitchen’s water basins. Instead, he necessitates a slew of water pitchers strewn throughout the home.


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