Coco 2 is the smallest skateboarder and snowboarder: really amazing story

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Little Australian skater Coco began her sport at the age of just five months. Since then, the girl has developed a love for skateboarding and snowboarding, and she beams with joy with each success.

Coco is now two years old, and she won’t stop at her interest!

Little Coco from Victoria, Australia, can skateboard, snowboard, and surf at the age of just two.

When Coco was just five months old, she made her first appearance on the board, and ever since then, she has been devoted to it.

„While I was pregnant, I skateboarded and surfed, and after Coco was born, I continued this lifestyle.

The girl’s mother, Molly, 29, says she noticed when she glanced at me that she enjoyed it too.

The young skater has followers on Instagram and TikTok, where she is well-liked.

Despite her accomplishments, Koko’s mother believes her to be the most commonplace youngster: „She is a simple and loving girl.

She enjoys playing with vehicles, learning new things, and enjoying ballet and dolls. She is humble and frequently recognized on the street, says Molly.

Molly claims that Koko had a penchant for skateboarding and that it was only after her mother introduced her to it that her daughter began requesting rides repeatedly. When she skateboards, her smile is contagious, according to her mother.

Coco’s mother made the decision to get her a decent instructor after observing her passion for skating. The young child is currently studying and is already very knowledgeable.

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