This sweet cat with a kind heart has a special gift of comforting the injured animals at the shelter

Interessante Gerüchte

We rarely know how sweet cats are! Before deciding to adopt a kitty all of us need to take into consideration that with adopting them we are taking a lot of responsibility on our shoulders.

Sometime sit becomes hard to imagine our life without them. They make it much brighter.

Their loyal nature accompanies us during life.

They become our best friends who take care of us and love us with the whole of their heart.

Pets are beside us whenever we are sad, stressed or worried.

It seems they understand our emotions and feelings.

Radamenes is a sweet rare cat who has a special ability to heal others.

The cat was rescued from the streets of Poland in a very bad condition.

After taking the cat to the rehabilitation at the animal shelter, nobody was sure it would survive.

However, a miracle happened. This cutie after being fully recovered helps to other sick animals at the shelter.

She is so caring and is always next to them willing to offer her help.

She is some kind of nurse cat who has a kind heart and helps the injured and broken animals.

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