Conjoined twins have lived apart for 33 years: See what they look like now

Interessante Gerüchte

Siamese twins are extremely uncommon, but nature occasionally astounds us.

In 1987, pathology examination techniques were still nonexistent in the small Lithuanian town of Alytus.

The young couple Daiva and Brunos were excitedly expecting twins.

Delivery was challenging; two craniopagus weighed 3600 kg. Vilia and Vitaly were the names of the girls.

Their younger brother Povilas was born a year later.

The spouses had to make the tough choice to separate the children in 1989.

Neurosurgeon Alexander Konovalov was the first in the world to conduct an operation to separate conjoined twins.

The event, which might have had a very terrible outcome, was being observed by the entire globe with bated breath.

The procedure took practically a whole day.

Doctors recalled how they gave the young girls fruits to eat after the operation because they had battled for their lives and survived.

Of course, some aspects of the twins‘ look persisted following the surgery.

The distortion of the heads prevented wearing loose hair up until this point. But given that they were given a complete existence, these are trifles.

Dr. Konovalov and Vilia first connected on one of the TV shows when they were both 28 years old. They claimed to be Vilnius residents who both hold degrees in history and work in the publishing industry.

They remain, close friends, today.

Both women chose not to get married because they were unable to find a partner that resembled their late father, who devoted his entire life to making sure his daughters enjoyed it to the fullest.

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