Cops take dog owner away but confused animal does something unbelievable

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Police remove the dog’s owner, but the confused animal does an unbelievable thing.

When Chei Di Pulga, an adorable canine, demonstrated his unwavering devotion to his closest human companion, he won over all of Brazil.

People suspected of being involved in drug trafficking and other related offenses were being inspected by Rio de Janeiro’s military and civilian police.

Fabio de Souza Cesario, a young homeless man, was invited to the police station during this inspection, so he could verify certain information.

The man complied and got inside the police car. But what happened next, even the cops, were in a state of shock.

They saw a dog racing next to the car and barking hysterically as they drove Fabio away.

The dog did not stop and even attempted to approach the vehicle as if to compel it to halt, as they continued to drive quickly.

The cops decided to halt and open their doors when they saw the dog was either going to damage himself or cause a disruption in traffic.

The timid dog was initially hesitant to board, but when he spotted his devoted owner in the back of the car, he eagerly climbed in.

We refer to someone who is there for you through thick and thin as your best friend. This tale also has a satisfying conclusion; both were made public soon after Fabio’s knowledge was confirmed.

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