Crowd watches as 139 yeas old Victorian home which is moved 7 blocks: that’s incredible

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It’s usual for people to announce their impending move.

Even with all the hassle and discomfort, moving into a new house is a wonderful experience.

You see, a 19th-century mansion in San Francisco was moved last year.

It was relocated seven blocks from its original location so that a 48-unit, eight-story apartment complex could take its place.

The Victorian house was removed from a separate street, 0.6 miles away, near to a former morgue, with the owner intending to rebuild it.

Tim Brown, a real estate agent, purchased it for $2.6 million back in 2013.

Although he had been organizing the transfer for years, it wasn’t until last year that everything was worked out and paid for, making the relocation viable.

You know, it was difficult to move such a large and heavy weight. And by no means a cheap one.

In actuality, Brown spent $400k on the entire job.

The Sun stated at the time that „parking meters were torn up, tree limbs were cut, and traffic signs were repositioned along the road.“

The owner spent another $200k on the actual move in addition to the $200,000 in fines.

At the time, Brown intended to rehabilitate the 139-year-old structure and convert it into seven residential flats.

Even though the move began at six in the morning, many people were interested in seeing the unusual display.

A maximum speed of one mile per hour was used to move the home to its new location while it was put onto enormous dollies.

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