Cutest german shepherd adorably activates security camera in amazing video


Dogs, especially when they’re alone, are continuous explorers. But, despite the fact that they constantly damage everything they touch, their entertaining antics keep everyone laughing.

This time, a German Shepherd had managed to disable the security system, and the Internet was overwhelmed by the situation.

Joe Corsi was at work when his home security system sent him a phone warning. He had no idea, though, that it would not turn out the way he had hoped.

The man realised no one was breaking into his house after watching the live stream, but the camera soon showed who the (innocent) robber was.

When Joe saw his 3-year-old puppy, Sasha, pushing her face into the camera, he burst out laughing.

„When I got the warning, I started watching the camera live to make sure no one was breaking in or anything,“ the man told Fox News. „What occurred next explains everything!“ says the narrator.

The owner, who was amused, claimed it was the first time his dog did something like this, although she had before indicated her interest in the cameras.

„We had to adjust the camera because she’s curious,“ Joe explained. „She must have triggered the action by bumping the camera with her snout.“

Joe decided to share the amusing scene with a Facebook group called ‚German Shepherd Owners‘ because it was all caught on film. Sasha, on the other hand, didn’t take long to become an internet sensation!

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