Dad spoke to the little one before he was born and she recognized his voice after the birth

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Every parent will undoubtedly attest that the birth of a kid is the most significant event in their lives, particularly if it is their first child. Recently, a Brazilian couple had this lovely moment, and it was extra fulfilling because of their daughter’s reaction.

Antonella surprised her parents shortly after delivery with the cutest smile.

There is a cause behind this, too. The daughter knew her native voice after being born since her father, Flavio Dantas, spoke to her while she was still in the womb.

The father gushed about Antonella’s birth in a heartfelt Instagram post, calling it the most magical. He wrote, „I can’t articulate how I felt at that moment.

„I used to chat to my daughter every day while she was still with her mother, telling her that I loved her, that her father was here, and that I would make the best parent in the world! When she was born, how did she pay me back?

The loveliest grin in human history,“ the delighted father wrote.

The mother of Antonella referred to her daughter as „a gift brought to them from the Lord“ in one of the pictures she posted.

Antonella is raised by her parents in Rio de Janeiro, where they reside. Tarsila worked as a kitchen assistant while Flavio is a marine soldier.

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