A heart moving story: the deaf dog found his deaf owner and he now teaches him sign language


Life has not always been easy for this cute little puppy!

However, it turned out to be something truly wonderful in the end.

6 weeks old Emerson has been rescued from a shelter in Florida and was taken to Maine.

He had a serious infection that could have caused lots of difficulties for his life if it wasn’t treated well.

What’s the strangest part with Emerson is that it didn’t get adopted just like his siblings.

The staff didn’t give up and they did their best to find for him a cute and loving family.

“ If the dog is deaf it doesn’t mean that he is not able to be loyal and devoted. It is not a serious problem as the puppy is so cute and sweet.

It loves everyone and everything around“ wrote the shelter’s Facebook page.

Nobody wanted to adopt the puppy because he was deaf.

Luckily, some weeks later the shelter received a request of adopting Emerson.

Nick Abboit, seeing how the dog struggles decides to adopt him.

The man was also deaf and it seemed faith connected them!

Whenever the man came to the shelter the puppy came and sat right at his feet.

Abboitt’s and dog’s connection is so strong !

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