Such a heartwarming story: deaf senior dog who spent 11 years as a roaming dog is happy like never before


This heartwarming story will simply make your day brighter. This wonderful story about Solo will simply make your day!

The sweet deaf dog used to be a stray dog his whole life.

His name is translated from the Spanish and means “ he came alone“.

With time the stray dog became tired of roaming in the streets of Southern California.

“ He is a quite sociable and wonderful dog who gets along nearly with everyone“ the rescue team shared about him on Facebook.

When he got rescued, the dog stayed in some foster homes.

However, in the end he couldn’t find the appropriate loving home for himself.

Some time later, luckily, a woman named Karol got so in love with the dog that it decided to adopt him.

“ Whenever I saw his face in the picture I immediately wanted to love and take care of him.

His story had my heart and I wanted to be that loving home he deserves“.

Even though Solo had some health issues the woman didn’t give up on him.

At first the dog was shy and scared but later he got used to his new loving home.

Carol didn’t give up on him trying his best to provide the dog with the necessary love and care.

“ People around are so happy to see the dog running and smiling after so many years of living as a stray dog“ Carol says.

The woman is so happy to have Solo in her life and she inspires everyone to adopt more senior dogs as they need our help a lot!

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