Decisive 102 years old grandmother from Maine still loves lobster with no plans to retire

Interessante Gerüchte

In general, retirement is what many people look forward to the most, but not for this elderly woman.

Meet Virginia Oliver, sometimes known as „Ginny,“ a determined and powerful lady.

Given that she has spent over 90 years working on lobster boats, her narrative is incredibly uplifting.

The grandma still resides on Clarendon Street in Maine, where she was born in 1920.

Since she was a young girl, the old woman has always loved and admired her sea life.

She then bought a new home adjacent to her beloved childhood home after getting married to her husband.

After then, they had their four children and led pleasant lives as a couple.

When Ginny was just 8 years old, she started her job as a cherished fisherwoman.

With her father and brother, she used to go lobster fishing and sell the catch to neighborhood restaurants.

In addition, she acknowledges that seafood is her favorite food, particularly when she makes homemade lobster rolls with bread by hand.

The brave 100-year-old grandmother is aware that she is savoring her final days.

She did, however, embrace a slogan that has always served as her compass in life.

I won’t live long, so why to bother me, she quips. She is a strong and remarkable woman who enjoys her long career.

Additionally, she plans to work as much as her health and age permit.

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