Determined parents make a special wheelchair for their 7 month old baby

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Parents work tirelessly to create a unique wheelchair for their 7-month-old child.

Despite the fact that Kimberly and Brad Moore’s child was born with special needs, they are just regular, loving parents.

It was discovered that their newborn girl had disabilities after she was born.

Her parents were unable to remain unmoved, so in order to hasten Evelyn’s recuperation, they made her a wheelchair.

They built the machine using instructions they found online, and the finished product cost them about $100.

Sadly, the infant was just 4 months old when she received the devastating news that she had spine cancer and neuroblastomas.

Fortunately, Evelyn adopted her machine with gusto, and it soon became her best friend.

A cutting board, wheels, and a bamboo chair were among the tools.

Bev Wilson, a pediatric oncologist, stated that despite experiencing numerous difficult days, Evelyn was a joyful child.

With a big smile on her face, the adorable angel now tends to the nurses. She declares her love for life and all of its positive aspects.

She also enjoys playing with other kids, or with all the kids around the globe. The pair is making every effort to give Evelyn a typical childhood.

Despite their numerous challenges, Evelyn’s family is proud to see her joyful smile, and as a result, Evelyn’s health is steadily getting better.

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