So amazing: discover the touching story of this friendship between a dog and a chicken


Stories of friendship between animals of different species always warm the heart. The one between a dog called Gus and a hen named Lucky is particularly touching.

Gus is an English Bulldog. Lucky is a special needs hen. A priori, these 2 animals do not have much in common and it would seem surprising to see them spending time together.

Yet this is indeed the case; the canine and the gallinaceae are the best friends in the world, as told by Daily Paws.

They had both been adopted by Chandler Coate, who says he made them meet without really preparing them. Lucky was far from reassured the first few days when she saw Gus.

However, when she finally understood that he would not harm her, she began to become attached to the quadruped.

„Chickens naturally want to be in groups,“ explains their owner. Lucky started to gravitate towards him”.
The hen and the dog thus became inseparable.

They do a lot of things together, but what they prefer is sleeping and eating side by side. Lucky follows Gus everywhere and sometimes even imitates him, especially when he asks for food.

She has also taken to giggling when the English Bulldog barks. „I think she’s learning to be a dog,“ laughs Chandler Coate.

Their owner created a Facebook page dedicated to the duo, and followed by more than 1,600 people.

She says she is aware of how lucky she is to witness this wonderful friendship, which everyone around them benefits from.

“Gus and Lucky are good together because they enrich each other, she says about it. They brought so much joy and happiness to my family, and then it spread to bring joy, laughter and happiness to everyone who follows them on social media.”

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