The most awesome dog bonded to owner’s child helps him through milestones, like learning to walk


Billy and tiny Lily are inseparable, with the dog linked to the owner’s kid assisting him through milestones such as learning to walk.

The dog is with the little girl at every key step of her life, which makes the parents‘ hearts melt.

Pets and children may create highly intimate bonds.

This is the case with Lily, who has a strong bond with her dog, Billy, who was already putting his head on the expectant mother’s abdomen.

The canine with the fawn coat was exceedingly nice when the baby was born, much to the surprise of the parents. Suzie, 28, said the British newspaper Metro,

„Now she returns the favor and she is always sweet to him.“

Best friends like spending as much time as possible together.

Lily attempts to share a little of her food with her four-legged companion every morning as part of their small rituals.

Surely the latter is licking his chops with ecstasy…

„I once discovered her sleeping in her basket, which I thought amusing because her bed is so much more comfy,“ the family’s mother noted.

They occasionally snooze together, but Billy normally stands outside her bedroom door while she sleeps.
Hand in hand, the dog and the 14-month-old toddler walk.

Billy was at her side at every important turning point in her life, and he even assisted Lily in taking her first steps.

The animal remained at her side, providing comfort to the young child.

„She was always clinging to him,“ Suzie recalled.

„Now she’s a terrific walker, and we go out virtually every day, and she enjoys it.“

Billy keeps a close eye on his pal while out walking.

“I bought Lily a little leash to hang on her collar, she loves walking it, mum continued, as we walk, I hold the main leash, and she has her smaller version. She feels so involved.“

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