Beau is freed now: Dog stuck in storm drain requires huge search and rescue device


Beau saw his life flash before his eyes when he fell into a sewer after exploring his neighborhood. Petrified with anguish, its owner contacted the emergency services. 2 teams have joined forces to extricate him from his trap.

In Palm Springs (USA), a simple walk turned into tragedy. On the morning of Wednesday April 6, 2022, a man contacted the local police after his dog disappeared. It seems that the animal, named Beau, was walking alone in the neighborhood.

A few minutes later, the authorities received another call. A resident said he heard crying inside a sewer. Animal control officers were dispatched to the scene and managed to locate the canine. Beau had indeed taken a bad fall in a sewer.

Beau wasn’t out of the woods yet. Due to the difficulty of the operation and the size of the dog, officers called in backup. The Palm Springs Police Search and Rescue Unit assisted.

The 2 teams therefore joined forces to save the life of the animal, trapped underground.

While one part of the rescuers comforted Beau, the other drew up a plan and fabricated an elevation system. The goal was to hoist the hairball out of the hole safely.

Fortunately, the intervention proved to be a great success. Not only was Beau able to see the soft daylight again, but he was also unharmed as a result of the incident.

„It’s what keeps me loving what I do,“ an animal control officer told News Channel 3.

The dog received a plethora of hugs from his heroes, and found the comforting arms of his owner. Right now, he is home, safe and sound.

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