The kind-hearted man does his best to save the dog thrown on the street and slowly earns his trust

Natur Und Wir

When you read such kind of stories you understand that kindness never fades.

Kola Kariola is a loyal animal lover from Romania and he is absolutely in love with rescuing animals.

He is famous with his channel of rescuing animals!

Last year Kola noticed a scared dog who was on the side of the road and understood the dog needs help.

The dog was malnourished and needed help.

There was only skin and bone left on the dog.

The dog was thrown on the streets totally alone and helpless.

There were many people who simply passed by and didn’t even offer their help.

Kola was the first person who actually took the dog home and saved his life!

He was taking care of the dog from home in the best possible way.

He gave the dog a bath, moved the dirt from his skin, fed him and showered with love and affection.

The dog with time started to trust the man and felt safe in his presence.

Today this sweet dog who was once abandoned on the street has a loving and caring family!

It’s still not understandable how cruel people in the world can be towards the animals!

This story shows once more that we need to respect and love dogs and not act like heartless humans!

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