An incredible footage: the drone captures elephants who were having a nap together after a 360-mile journey

Interessante Gerüchte

Elephants are known as one of the sweetest and the unique creatures on earth!

This drone footage captured some unbelievable shots!

The unique shots were taken by the drone the elephants decided to have a rest.

What’s the most interesting fact about elephants is that they sleep two hours a day.

These animals simply adore sleeping and you may see them sleeping for about two hours a day.

The most interesting part is that the elephants escaped from a nature reserve in South China last year.

The whole world already knows their story.

During their long journey three baby calves are born.

This story is another example that emphasizes the need of preserving elephant habitats.

According to the statistics many elephant habitats have been destroyed!

After destroying their natural habitats elephants find other places where they can have a rest.

They start sleeping in rubber and banana plantations.

There are nearly 300 elephants living in Yunnan.

Their herd is simply amazing. And especially one of the little ones!

These cuties are waiting for a loving and sweet home.

We are sure they will find it!

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