Care overload: during an earthquake this woman’s first instinct is to protect her beloved dog


During an earthquake in Taiwan, a woman made a gesture that moved many Internet users.

The good soul rushed to her dog to comfort and protect him.

Before meeting Goody Wu, Owen experienced a life of misery.

The black-robed dog wandered the streets of Taiwan, with no family by his side to fulfill his every expectation.

Wounded, he was found and saved by the one who is now his official owner.

Since that life-saving encounter, Owen has become a happy and healthy pet. Time may pass, but his adoptive mother is always there when he needs her most.

The adorable canine again had proof of this on October 24th.

Goody and Owen were enjoying a quiet day at home when their little world suddenly turned upside down.

The ground began to rumble and the walls to shake: a magnitude 6.5 earthquake surged without warning from the bowels of the earth.

„I knew he was scared,“ the lady told Dodo.

“So I held him in my arms to comfort him and, if things started to fall, I would have used my body to protect him.“

Owen was the first to sense disaster coming. He jumped off the sofa and did not know how to react to this surprising phenomenon.

„He’s a very brave dog, but he got scared during the earthquake,“ Goody Wu said.

The gentle and instinctive gesture of the latter helped him through this frightening ordeal. Once the tremors subsided, the duo was safe and sound.

“He is very intelligent and very affectionate. This is my baby,” added her guardian angel.

“Dogs help us all their lives and bring us happiness, so we have to protect them.“

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