Dwayne Johnson returned to the supermarket where he stole Snickers bars as a child and here’s what he did

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Dwayne „The Rock“ Johnson made an unexpected confession the other day. He stole chocolate bars from a Hawaii grocery several times as a teenager.

Johnson had been haunted by remorse for years, so he resolved to finally make atonement and returned to the „scene of the crime.“

The Rock posted a video on his microblog about his visit to the store.

“When I was 14, for a year, I stole large Snickers bars every day on my way to the gym. Because I couldn’t afford to buy them. There was always the same employee in the store, but he only turned his head in my direction and never caught me.”

Dwayne said that his family moved from Hawaii in 1987, and since then, every time he returned there and drove past that supermarket, he knew that he had to do something.

The other day, the actor unexpectedly appeared there and bought up absolutely all the Snickers, surprising the cashier and customers with his story about childish misconduct.

“I finally exorcised this chocolate demon that has been tormenting me for years,” Johnson noted with relief and left the bag of purchased candies at the checkout: “If you notice that someone is stealing from you, just give this person one of my bars.”

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