Top start for a new life: dying and on her own a kitten can thank her lucky stars for having a life-saving encounter

Interessante Gerüchte

Stella can thank her lucky star for putting Marie-Pierre Dupas on her path.

The only survivor of her litter, the young cat in very bad shape, was struggling to survive.

Until her guardian angel takes her under his wing…

Stella saw her brother die before her eyes and her mother abandon her.

Left to her own devices, the little stray cat suffered much more than loneliness.

Prostrated in a corner, she could not swallow anything, nor see properly because of serious infections.

It had been less than 2 months since this kitten had set its paws on Earth, and difficult trials had already overwhelmed it…

Fortunately, death did not have the last word.

Lost in the middle of the darkness, Stella found the way to deliverance by following her lucky star: Marie-Pierre Dupas.

The latter discovered the puny creature on September 22, 2021, after joining a friend, named Agnès, who feeds and cares for stray cats in a district of Carnac (Brittany), in all weathers.

When I took this little ball of fur in my hands, I noticed that we could no longer see his eyes.

A white veil covered them, I thought she was blind, confided Marie-Pierre to the editorial team, diagnosis of the veterinarian consulted the same day: conjunctivitis and coryza.

I did not calculate, it was necessary to adopt it to treat it.

Top start for a new life!

This is how this young soul, once on the edge of the abyss, found itself overnight in a comfortable home. A new hope for a better life, a dream come true.

I had not planned this, continued our interlocutor, I have a 14 year old cat, Diamon, that I did not want to disturb. However, the story of all three of us was well under way.

Alas, the tomcat could not stand the presence of the newcomer, who burst into his life without warning.

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