Effective guy Monty has spent seven years in kennels and still no one wants to adopt him

Interessante Gerüchte

Monty has been described as one of the country’s „most overlooked canines“ at a rescue center in Eden bridge, England.

Moreover, Monty has spent the last seven of his eight years of his life at a rescue.

Finally, the staff at Opportunity Pet Rescue are baffled as to why Monty has yet to find his permanent home.

Monty was kept in a tiny cage during his first year of life.

He was slumped over and had health issues because of the horrible treatment and mistreatment he had undergone so early in life by the time he got to the rescue.

Unfortunately, potential adopters show little interest in Monty.

Monty enjoys the good attention as well as cuddling with the other animals at the rescue, but in the past did not quadrate them.

Instead, he barked and drew closer to them. Despite going to the shelter, he can now calmly stroll by them without barking.

So, Monty would fare best in a home without other pets and with someone who can continue his training.

Therefore, he is an active dog that enjoys running and chasing tennis balls– he simply doesn’t bring them back.

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