Interesting and effective idea: the high school cross-country team decides to run with local shelter dogs


This positive and unique story will simply make your day !

In 2016 the cross-country running team at St. Joseph High School in California organizes something hilarious and interesting.

They decided to invite local dogs from local shelters to sunbathe and run together with the boys.

The Animal Shelter was super excited to let the dogs have fun and stretch their legs a little.

Immediately the post that they shared got a million views and likes.

The team Coach received many calls from other coaches and athletic directors around the country!

The idea of running with dogs that was at first just a fun activity would spread all over the schools!

This is a perfect chance for the dogs to get adopted and besides it helps them into the society.

In that way the dogs exercise very well and stretch their bodies while the kids have fun and interact with dogs!

It increases the chances that the dogs would get adopted very soon.

This idea teaches children to be kind towards the animals, to love and take care of them.

The most helpful thing is that they get acquainted with the needs of dogs.

Organizing such kind of runs is important as it shows them how important it is to take care of homeless shelter dogs!

Such a joyful and interesting experience!

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