Elephant barges in on interview to “save” her caretaker from the interviewers

Interessante Gerüchte

Faa Mai adores her human mother and has grown protective of her over the years.

These pictures open with Lek being interviewed by a TV team, during which she talks extensively about her park experiences and abilities.

Faa Mai appears to be just hanging out with her herd in the background, but this is far from the reality!

All the meantime, she is merely hovering around warily, ensuring that strangers clad in black do not hurt her mother!

Faa Mai loses frustrated as the interview drags on and decides to check on Lek.

She abandons her herd and charges ahead at full speed to burst into the interview and examine Lek’s health!

She then tenderly wraps her trunk around Lek, demanding her attention and instructing her to return to her. What a wacky goofball!

Faa Mai’s possessive instincts are well known to Lek, since the elephant constantly „hates it“ when Lek looks after someone else.

Lek then whisks Faa Mai away to her shed like a wonderful mother, asking the team to postpone the interview while she caters to her massive child!

So touching moment invaded so many hearts, you must feel these emotions!

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