Breaking news: ER doctor could bring back to life the stray cat who was dying in front of the hospital

Interessante Gerüchte

This unique story is so similar to magic. The sweet little cat got into trouble.

The troubles began when this sweetie decided to came into the hospital through the revolving door.

The man who was leaving the hospital at that time didn’t notice the cat and it got stuck between a glass panel and the door jamb.

The surveillance shows how the sweet cat got stuck there and was all in pain.

Among the doctors who witnessed the scene was Haili, the emergency doctor of the hospital.

It was hard to free the cat from there as its neck was stuck there.

The doctor could somehow remove the cat from there by putting his hand on the back of his head !

Later the cat was given oxygen and given the required medicine and care!

With time the cat’s health condition only got better. Due to this kind-hearted man, it became possible to save the cat’s life who was striving to stay alive.

The man was in the right place at the right time and that was so wonderful.

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