Even young people will envy: The 72 years old has a gorgeous figure and works as a fitness trainer herself

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Some people believe that around the age of 70, a person doesn’t care about how he looks, what he wears, how his body, skin, or hair are doing, etc.

For the elderly, having a sofa, a television, and grandchildren are all sources of delight. However, some people defy these perceptions and encourage others to do the same.

She goes by the name of Norma Williams, and in addition to having a stunning physique that young girls can only aspire to, she also works as a physical trainer and instructs others on how to maintain a healthy, fit, and attractive body.

In her youth, Norma did not maintain a healthy lifestyle and was not always concerned with her appearance.

The woman didn’t recognize that she needed to make a change until she started gaining weight and developing health issues.

She started to comprehend nutrition and exercise when she was around 30. Norma progressively cut out unhealthy foods from her diet to prevent stress on the body.

She was very motivated to become better and meet the ideal.

Norma was highly encouraged and wanted to work on herself even more as the first results started to show up.

The woman has achieved fantastic results with years of training and a healthy diet; she now has a thin and toned physique.

Williams also made the decision to help others succeed by becoming a physical trainer.

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