Faithful dog waits six days outside hospital for her sick owner: they reunited finally


We call dogs man’s best friend for a reason: no other living creature can equal a dog’s loyalty. A dog in Turkey recently shown what true loyalty is all about after waiting nearly a week in front of a hospital for her ill master!

Cemal Senturk was carried by ambulance to the Medical Park Hospital in Trabzon on January 14th.

Boncuk, the man’s beloved dog, remained at home with the rest of the family while the man was transported to the hospital for further investigation.

However, the devoted dog knew something was wrong with his beloved person and attempted to console him during these trying times.

The dog managed to get out of the family’s residence and track Senturk to the hospital.

The medical personnel observed the small puppy in front of the entry doors and told the Senturk family.

Because they live close to the facility, the worried puppy was taken home, only to return the next morning.

When the director of the hospital saw the dog’s loyalty to the human she loves the most, he decided to act. Senturk was able to communicate with his cherished furry companion through a window as a result of this.

„His dog, ‚Boncuk,‘ followed him to the hospital gate and refused to leave for six days until her owner was discharged,“ hospital director Murat Ercan said in a statement.

„Boncuk managed to escape every day to wait at the gate, even though the family (took) her back home.“

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