The guy came to the wedding of his best friend and saw that the bride is his girlfriend: what happened

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Aleasha Pilava lives in the town of Bargoed in Wales. She is no longer young and has three children.

Aleasha was married twice and did not want to repeat previous mistakes. She didn’t want anyone else to break her heart. Therefore, she did not accept marriage proposal from Paul Soproni.

At the same time, Paul’s love was completely mutual. He and Aleasha lived together. The woman simply did not want to get married.

When Aleasha made up her mind, she decided to make this day special. And then she decided to arrange an unforgettable wedding. All their mutual friends took part in her prank.

Paul’s friend, Kevin, told him that he was getting married and asked him to be his best man.

Paul was amazed, because he had no idea that Kevin and his girlfriend Heidi had gone so far. But of course, he gladly accepted the offer and began to prepare for the celebration.

Of course, Paul told Aleasha about everything. And she needed to come up with something so as not to go with Paul to a fake wedding.

When Paul stood next to Kevin at the altar, waiting for the bride, his thoughts were occupied by a series of quarrels with Aleasha. But Paul immediately forgot about his thoughts as soon as the bride appeared.

Walking down the aisle in a snow-white dress was not Kevin’s girlfriend, but his beloved Aleasha.

Paul stood, perplexed and confused. And Aleasha walked to the altar, singing a song that meant a lot to her and Paul.

She hummed the 1978 Motown hit. The song was called “It Should Have Been Me”.

And in Paul’s eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in a wedding dress in the world.

When Aleasha approached the altar, she suddenly smiled mischievously at Paul and, dropping to one knee, asked: “Will you marry me?” Paul looked around the hall in confusion. All their close friends were smiling and looking at him.

He decided to support her joke. Paul made a frightened face and said “no”, after which he ran away.

Aleasha and everyone present froze in shock. But a minute later, Paul returned, picked up his beloved in his arms and spun.

Of course, the fake wedding ended in a real marriage.

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