Lone wonderful mare has fantastic walks around the city with a note around her neck

Natur Und Wir

The animal’s unique stories will never stop amazing us!

All of them are unique and warm our hearts !

The white horse named Jenny has a daily tour around the city of Frankfurt and even stops to kiss babies all the way long.

This cutie stops every time in order to kiss babies he meets on his way.

The owner of the 25-year-old mare Werner said that he has been going on a 12-mile stroll for 15 years.

It’s so wonderful to see that the horse is actually trusted by many people!

The white mare is a good horse and is trustworthy!

The white mare is a kind-hearted horse who always attracts everyone’s attention!

The most interesting part is that Jenny likes the nature of the town more and prefers to have a nice walk !

It’s so good to note that nobody in the town ever wishes to spoil her fun.

There are many people who think that Jenny is dangerous for human beings!

However, Jenny has never caused any incidents over a decade and a half.

The sweet horse’s story became famous and got shared over 649 k times!

People who truly appreciate the beauty of the white horse said they wish to live close to the city!

Indeed, he has lots of fans from around the world!

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