Father takes his toddler son to the basketball game for the first time after hard working day

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At the age of three, Micheal McGuire was determined to watch Easton’s first professional basketball game while still dressed in soiled work clothes and coated in mud.

He could have decided to show up there later, so he could clean up, but he wasn’t going to do that.

Michael didn’t care about his appearance; all that mattered to him was being a part of one of Easton’s first major turning points.

Since she was so happy for him, his wife snapped a photo.

John Calipari, head coach of Kentucky, took notice of it, even though they had no idea it would gain popularity.

He then gave his thoughts on why that specific moment was essential to him. John said,  “ I admire that because it’s how my ancestors came to this country.

When John saw this photo, he told the family that he wanted them to be his VIP guests at the upcoming Kentucky Wildcats basketball game.

John says this special moment is justified because „you’re bringing light to a decent man, a hard-working Kentucky coal miner who does everything he can to make time for his family and his son.“

Michael is a great father and a real hero, according to others who saw the photo and commented on it. I wholeheartedly agree.

A guy’s responsibility to provide for his family as a husband, father, and man lies directly on his shoulders.

Although it is a burden, I enjoy having this responsibility, especially on occasions like these. Good work, Michael!

You are a really wonderful father!

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