The sweet and cute cat’s favorite toy is his cinnamon bottle which he adores so much

Interessante Gerüchte

Winston is undoubtedly the sweetest cat in the world who adores eating more than anything else.

Very often this cutie even likes eating inedible things.

This habit has been developed since the cat was a stray!

Her mother, Emily has learned to accept the cat the way she is!

She absolutely adores her and does her best to feed the cat with the best and nutritious food.

The family accepted the cat mostly for his unique appearance and behaviour.

The cat loves eating all her toys especially the pillowy ones.

The family finds some safe toys that will not harm the dog’s life.

After drinking the cinnamon and putting the bottle on the window the family noticed something truly special.

The kitty noticed the bottle and made up its mind to make it his lovely toy!

The family at first didn’t understand what admired her in that cinnamon bottle.

What’s the most interesting is that the cat complained every time someone wanted to take the bottle away from


The bottle if made of plastic that’s why it is safe for the cat to play with it!

We are happy and excited to tell you that this sweetie is so proud to show his toy to the world!

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