Firefighters evacuate and resuscitate dog and cat trapped in house fire: Such a heroic action

Interessante Gerüchte

Thanks to the prompt and valiant action of firemen, two dogs of a family whose home was on fire were discovered alive.

The fact that the dog lost consciousness after breathing in hazardous gases made the rescue effort challenging.

According to ABC 10, firefighters managed to free a dog and a cat that was trapped inside the family house after a fire.

On September 18, Sunday, the event was held in Sacramento, California. Around 10:30 a.m. local time that day, a fire unit from the Sacramento Metro Area was sent to the blazing home.

When they arrived, some firefighters occupied the house’s entry and attempted to evacuate the residents while their fellow firefighters used tires to fight the fire.

When they got inside, they discovered a dog and a cat who were both dead. They were able to raise and remove them.

The four-legged cat regained consciousness a short while later. Firefighters spent some time getting a souvenir shot with the animal.

If the cat was later located is unknown. The dog made a full recovery and was given back to its owners.

There were no reported injuries. The origin of the fire is the subject of an investigation.

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